Ferrari 355's are very beautiful cars that sum up the ethos of the Ferrari marque, they where available in three body styles;

355 Buying Guide

1) Berlinetta

2) GTS (Targa)

3) Spider

To save writing what has been already written very well go to this website is dedicated to the 355 and lists all mechanical and bodywork issues. for further help please contact us direct.

Interior Space, It is always worth considering that the GTS Model roof fits behind the seats when removed, if you are over 6ft tall you will need to move your seat forward to accomodate it, which on long journeys can be a little uncomfortable, The Spider roof mechanism also folds behind the seats however its less intrusive than the GTS and  the seats are smaller, We recommend that you sit in both before making a decision or setting your heart on a particular model.

Service history is essential to give an accurate picture of the quality of maintenance the vehicle has received, with these older cars renowned specialists often give a better quality of service than certain main dealers because they actually look after more of them. There are ways of showing if a car has done more miles than indicated but leave this to a professional, cars without a documented history should really be avoided unless they are very good value and you intend to keep it a long time to re-build a confidence in the car for resale. Make sure the service book has its first page (not torn out) with chassis numbers clearly marked and showing the original supplying dealer stamp. All service history's on these cars should be supported by a well documented history file with bills and receipts for work carried out, old tax discs and MOTS to prove what year each mileage was done and whether the car has been unused for several years.

Extras These should include, Roof cover, Tool Kit in leather case, Leather wallet for service books, original service pack (Service book, Manual, Alarm and Stereo, Dealership locations, breakdown) and a tyre inflator in its original packaging.

Water! 355 Berlinetta's are pretty water proof, GTS and Spider models in heavy rain can weep a little through the door / windscreen seal (just enough to get a bit of a wet leg) but compared with most convertible or targa cars they are very good.

Servicing costs will vary to whom you use, We carry out cam belt services and lube services for our own cars but for our more serious works we use Shiltech Performance, They are excellent value and will look after your tipo with the right attention to detail and protect your investment so that it maintains its value please visit our proud to recommend page for their details.

Catalytic converters These are quite expensive items for any car, they need checking as a car with either poor cats or cats removed will fail an MOT, however we have also had reports on cars that run without the cats fitted may not be insured as they are not road legal, for the potential 5% of extra breathing capacity - its just not worth it.

Accident Damage make sure that you carry out a HPI check on Finance outstanding and any insurance accident payouts, if a Ferrari has a CAT C or D rating it will considerably affect its value, if you are considering a damaged repaired car it is essential that a Ferrari professional inspects the car for you.

Good luck and enjoy your car, its about your tastes and not your friends, driving is a personal pleasure which expectation differs from each and every person and not necessarily what the loudest person in the pub thinks.

WalkerSport will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this guide, please remember that this is a basic guide and not an manual, WalkerSport cannot be held liable for any omissions or incorrect advice given as this is our personal opinion, when WalkerSport purchase a car we carryout a thorough inspection followed up by a major mechanical check over.

355 Buying Guide

355 Buying Guide