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F355 Hvac refurbishment 01/02/16

WalkerSport are distributors for Hill Engineering products, the overlay can be purchased from our website shop and this process can be carried out on a DIY basis.

Firstly cut around the outer edge of the Hvac shrink wrap overlay.

Carefully remove the overlay.

Use a rubber breakdown fluid to remove the sticky layer off the switch gear, be careful not to get the control unit wet.

Clean the non rubberised surface with a plastic conditioner.

Prepare the face for the new overlay.

Fit the new overlay being careful to get it straight.


*TOP TIP* when removing the HVAC from the F355, you must be careful not to break the thin rim around the ashtray (the ashtray has to be removed first), as you undo the screw at the base of the ashtray you must slightly slide the ashtray to release the pressure against the HVAC control panel - otherwise the little rim will break. Call us for help if required.

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