Professional race tuition ARDS

WalkerSport ARDS Instruction prices:

Porsche Boxster 3.2S instructor car complete with Fuel, tyres (inc spare set).
Fully insured car with Ards liability cover included *Excess applies.

ARDS instructor and light refreshments.

Oulton Park, Anglessey, Donington     £1500 + VAT.

Silverstone                                       £1595 + VAT.

Brands Hatch, Knockhill                     £1750 + VAT.


All UK circuits covered please email your requirements


*Insurance excess of £1200 applies to all damage.


The WalkerSport Porsche Boxster is a fully race prepared car which is eligible for the Porsche Club series, MSV-T challenge and many more events, it is fully caged with race seats and full harnesses, fire extinguisher and dual braking system. This car is very versatile, quick and prepares you for fast track driving.

Please email us to before booking the trackday to check availability, we will then trailer the car straight to the circuit with our day van where you can use our facility all day. A garage is advised and an open pitlane when booking your trackday. 105db compliant.

Instructors available.

Marcus Clutton is an ARDS Grade A instructor.

Tim Walker is an ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers instructor) he is classified as a professional driver and coach. 2015 Pirelli Ferrari Champion. He is an instructor at Oulton Park race circuit and for a select group of supercar experience companies. Tim can help with all aspects of driving development from car control to race development, preparation for your very first race or even speeding you up on trackdays. 

We work with existing drivers / racers whom would like to improve driving skills. Specialist areas include;

Racing line

Race craft

Balance and control


Trail braking

Flat car

Smoothness and efficiency.

Below is a picture of our training car with Full cage, extiguisher, Race seats and Harnesses.

Professional race tuition ARDSProfessional race tuition ARDS



Talk to us to discuss your requirements.