Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet 3.2 Rosso Corsa with Crema

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A lovely Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet 3.2, Rosso Corsa with Crema and red carpets, Hpi clear, Uk RHD car. Just been prepared and had a Fresh MOT, Full Cam Belt Service (including Annual Service), Paint detailing and wheel refurbishment, this lovely genuine car is an ideal summer toy or first Ferrari. She drives superb and benefits from full service history, comprehensive history folder, Original service books and wallet, full tool kit, spare wheel and new hood Plus ALL MOT's. Photo's to follow shortly.

Uk Car imported by Maranello Concessionaires (Ferrari UK)

Sold New 01/08/1986 by Modena Ferrari Main Dealer

09/09/1986 First Service Modena Ferrai Main Dealer

14/07/1987 5096 miles Modena Ferrari Main Dealer

21/08/1989 8246 miles Cambridge Road Garage

16/06/1990 11832 miles Cambridge Road Garage

14/09/1991 13464 miles Cambridge Road Garage

11/11/1992 15032 miles Cambridge Road Garage

09/06/1994 19468 miles Lancaster Northampton

17/10/1994 25138 miles Lancaster Ferrari Colchester Cam Belt Service + Mechanical Works

12/06/1995 29362 miles Lancaster Northampton

19/01/1996 32074 miles Hi Teck performance cars New clutch

12/06/1996 33833 miles Hi Teck Performance cars Cam Belt Service

26/03/1998 ????? miles Lancaster Ferrari Colchester Cam Belt Service

08/05/1998 40398 miles Tifosi Garage Cam Belt service +

12/06/1999 42420 miles Tifosi Garage Mechanical works

06/10/2000 46151 miles Verdi Ferrari Major overhaul

28/06/2001 47102 miles Verdi Ferrari New Hood, Mechanical works,

13/08/2001 ????? miles Verdi Ferrari Mechanical works

08/03/2002 48928 miles Verdi Ferrari Fixed price service

21/07/2002 50896 miles Carrera Sport Cam belts Cam Belt Service

24/03/2004 52445 miles Maranello Sales Ltd Water Pump, Cam Belts

20/05/2006 55245 miles AutoBahn Cam Belts +

07/03/2007 55481 miles PD Auto ferrari

30/04/2009 57500 miles Shiltech Ferrari, Cam Belt service, Annual Service, Roof Pivots and MOT.

16/05/2009 57500 miles WalkerSport Paint detail, repaint lower car and grills, Engine bay clean and Full Check over.

The history file contains all MOT's, most invoices for works carried out, V5 copies and a hole host of other info related to this car.


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