Ferrari 360 Modena Manual Rosso Corsa / Nero

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This lovely 360 was supplied to its former owner by WalkerSport who has cherished her, She is an 06/2000 Modena with Manual gearbox, Rosso corsa with Red carpets and Nero seats. Full Service History, HPI clear both accidents and finance. 36k miles, Original Service books, Leather wallet, History file and Tool Kit.

Uk Maranello concessionaires supplied car

Sold New by Charles Hurst Ferrari Main Dealer (Belfast) 29/06/2000

21/02/2002 3941 Miles Stratstone Ferrari Annual Service

22/06/2004 9646 Miles Stratstone Ferrari Annual Service

29/09/2004 10702 Miles Stratsone Ferrari Cam Belt Service

17/10/2005 15613 Miles JCT600 Ferrari Annual Service

19/09/2006 17824 Miles JCT600 18750 Mile Service

19/10/2007 20869 Miles QV London Cam Belt Service and Annual

17/09/2008 27213 Miles GrayPaul Ferrari Annual Service

20/08/2009 28900 Miles WalkerSport prepared for sale, Cam Belt Service, Annual service by Shiltech Ferrari

??/08/2010 29200 Miles Shiltech Ferrari 2nd Annual Service

31/03/2011 29860 Miles Stratstone Ferrari Main dealer 2nd Annual Service, MOT and WalkerSport Preparation.

20/04/2011 29964 miles Walkersport prior to sale / Stratstone, Manchester.

08/03/2012 31745 miles Migliore Cars, Bromsgrove   Cambelts

14/09/2013 33885 miles Migliore Cars, Bromsgrove.

26/07/2014 34674 miles Migliore Cars, Bromsgrove.

02/04/2015 35251 miles Migliore Cars, Bromsgrove   Cambelts

31/03/2016 36668 miles Migliore Cras, Bromsgrove.

In stock with Walkersport 36876miles.  Available now. 

Car has two keys and two fobs (black). Car has recently had a cosmetic overhaul with WalkerSport and is in lovely condition.


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