Ferrari 355 Spider 25k miles 1998

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A lovely little 355 spider, Tour De France Blue with nero leather / Blue hood only 25250 miles, 1998 Manual. Complete with spare keys, 2 black fobs, 1 x Red fob, Original books in leather wallet and history file, Tool Kit and roof tonneau, Sports exhaust. This car is in stock and being prepared now.

UK Maranello Concessionaires imported car (Ferrari UK)

Sold New by JCT600 (Ferrari main dealer) 25/03/1998

19/10/1999 7146 miles Westover (Ferrari Dorset) 6250 mile service

21/02/2001 10930 miles Maranello sales Annual Service

14/05/2001 11673 miles QV London Cam Belt Service

04/04/2003 17195 miles QV London Annual Service

05/04/2004 19036 miles Joe Macari Cam Belt Service

05/07/2006 20442 miles MKG3000 Ferrari Specialists Annual Service

09/08/2006 21240 miles Dick Lovett Ferrari Clutch + Minor works

28/06/2007 22036 miles Dick Lovett Ferrari Annual Service

28/02/2008 23639 miles Dick Lovett Cam Belt Service + Annual Service

30/11/2009 24511 miles Verdi Ferrari Annual Service

15/07/2010 25250 miles Shiltech Ferrari, Cam Belt Service, Annual Service, Fresh MOT and WalkerSports Preparation.


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