Ferrari 348 TS 1992 Rosso Corsa / Crema

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A lovely little 348 TS (Targa Top), Excellent condition, 1992 model (front battery later model) 35k miles, Superb history, Rosso Corsa with Crema leather. She comes complete with Leather Wallet, original books, History file, Roof Cover and bag, spare keys and alarm fobs, Sports exhaust (level 1), Perfect buttresses, sill plates and rear light grill - an excellent car. Formerly prepared and sold By Nick Cartwright. She will be supplied with fresh annual service by Stratstone Ferrari.

UK Right hand drive car.

Maranello Concessionaires imported car (Ferrari UK)

Sold new by Graypaul Ferrari Loughborough and first registered on 23/06/1992

07/08/1992 864miles GrayPaul Ferrari 1st Service

14/07/1993 5843miles GrayPaul Ferrari 6250 fixed service interval

15/04/1994 10107miles Glenvarigill Ferrari 12500 fixed service interval

11/04/1995 10838miles JCT600 Ferrari 18750 fixed service interval

12/04/1995 10838miles JCT600 Dynol Treatment

06/01/1996 12223miles JCT600 Ferrari 25000 fixed service interval

10/02/1997 13143miles JCT600 Ferrari Annual Service

11/04/1998 13675miles JCT600 Ferrari Annual service

29/07/1998 13926miles JCT600 Ferrari Cam Belt Change

30/09/1999 15085miles JCT600 Ferrari Fixed Service

09/02/2000 15190miles GrayPaul Ferrari Cam Belts and Annual Service

11/04/2001 16670miles GrayPaul Ferrari Annual Service

25/03/2002 *****miles GrayPaul Ferrari Annual Service + Brakes

23/08/2003 21943miles Nick Cartwright Cam Belts and Annual Service

20/11/2004 23159miles Nick Cartwright Annual Service

15/02/2006 24197miles Lancaster Ferrari Annual Service

19/01/2007 24811miles GC Motors Cam Belts and Annual Service

03/12/2007 26214miles MDL Cars New Clutch and Release bearing

31/01/2008 26895miles FI Clinic Annual service

Stored after 1 year of use 2009 - 2011

27/06/2011 28300miles Stratsone Ferrari Cam Belt service, Annual Service, recommissioning + MOT

11/08/2012 33155miles Previous owner - documented Annual service + Gearbox oil.

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