Ferrari 348 TB Rosso Corsa / Crema Uk RHD

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Ferrari 348tb 1991 in Rosso Corsa with Crema, HPI clear both accidents an finance this car will be available shortly. UK RHD car, Extensive history file, original wallet and service books inc original service book. The car comes with Tubi rear silencer and Genuine Ferrari F355 wheels. Premium number plate included with car. 56k Miles.

Premium number plate included A34B TB

Previously owned by a friend of WalkerSport since 2010.

 UK Maranello Concessionaires imported car (Ferrari UK)

Sold new by Graypaul Ferrari, Loughborough 26/04/1991

17/03/1992 5993miles Maranello Sales 6250 Fxed Service

24/03/1993 11222miles Maranello Sales 12500 Fixed Service

15/04/1994 15950miles Maranello Sales 18750 Fixed Service

19/07/1994 16324miles Lancaster Ferrari 6250 Fixed Service

31/07/1995 18788miles Lancaster Ferrari 31259 Fixed Service

12/03/1996 NotRecmiles Maranello Sales New Brake discs x4 plus Pads.

29/03/1996 19383miles Maranello Sales Maranello Sales Fixed 37500 Fixed Service inc Cam Belts

23/07/1997 21518miles GrayPaul Ferrari Annual Service

20/08/1998 23475miles GrayPaul Ferrari Major Service

13/04/1999 24280miles GrayPaul Ferrari Cam Belt Service

10/05/2001 25491miles Keys Ferrari Annual Service

20/05/2002 27588miles Keys Ferrari Cambelt Service + Tensioners

05/02/2003 28505miles Verdi Ferrari Annual Service, New Clutch and minor works

25/04/2004 32120miles Verdi Ferrari Fixed 18750 service + Cam Belts

07/07/2006 34168miles Verdi Ferrari Annual Service

13/04/2006 36396miles Lancaster Ferrari Fixed 43750 + Cam Belts

17/04/2007 38740miles Lancaster Ferrari Fixed 56250

14/03/2008 41163miles Lancaster Ferrari Fixed 63500

23/01/2009 43335miles Lancaster Ferrari Fixed 43750 Service + Cam Belts + Clutch

22/01/2010 45575miles Lancaster Ferrari Annual Service

10/03/2012 NotRecmiles Lancaster Ferrari Minor works

05/04/2014 53285miles Lancaster Ferrari Annual Service + Cam Belts + Drive gear replacements

28/06/2017 55940miles JCT600 Ferrari Cam Belt Service + Tensioners

10/07/2018 56320miles JCT600 Annual Service

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