Ferrari 308 GTB QV Rosso Corsa / Nero.

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Ferrari 308 GTB Quattrovalve, Rosso Corsa with Nero / Nero piping and Bordeux carpets.Comes with Tool Kit, Jack pack, Spare wheel, Spare keys Ign and Door. Aerofoil, Original wallet c/w books and original service book. 51155miles. Just returned from Jersey where its been part of a private collection and stored between 1999 and 2008 with very little use since. Engine is very strong, no smoke and is being recomissioned correctly, no corrosion. Very nice genuine little 308. Re- registration will be done By WalkerSport, Passed MOT no advisories. 

Ferrari 308 QV RHD UK Car.

First Regrstered on 28/08/1983 by Richies, Glasgow

18/01/1984 1361miles Graypaul Ferrari Loughborough 1500 mile first service

30/05/1984 2190miles Graypaul Ferrari Loughborough 2500 mile free service

03/10/1986 12173miles Emblem Sports Cars 9250 fixed Service

02/10/1987 13951miles Graypaul Ferrari Loughborough 21k fixed Service (time)

03/10/1988 15094miles Graypaul Ferrari Loughborough 

15/08/1991 22433miles Graypaul Ferrari Loughborough 3k annual Service + Belts

01/06/1993 31817miles Graypaul Ferrari Loughborough Cam Belts + Annual Service

10/08/1994 37880miles Nigel Mansel Sports Cars Service

13/02/1999 48857miles St Savioure Garage Jersey Ferrari Specialist Full Service + Cam belts

12/12/2008 50880miles Harry Winchcole Specialist Jersey Fuel system refurbishment, Fuel Injection, Fuel pump Cam belts, brakes full recommission.

18/01/2014 50888miles Harry Winchcole Specialist Jersey Electronic Refurbishment including coil pack, Plug leads, Loom replaced.

21/03/2014 51155miles Migliore Ferrari Specialists Cam belt service, Tensioners, Annual service, Anti roll bar bushes, Health check minor works.

27/03/2014 51225miles WalkerSport Ferrari - Cosmetic refurbishment, Recommission + Works.

Picture is of actual car pre preparation, Pictures will be updated as preparation progresses.

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