Ferrari 308 GT4 Project

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Ferrari 308 GT4 chassis and bodypanels (shown panels only) The car was fire damaged, WalkerSport have cleaned out the car, and primed the body panels to preserve them, the rear, front and doors are actually good, the rear quarters and sills require sections putting in or replacements fitting. The car comes with a host of parts including;

1 x N/S front wishbones assembly upper and lower
1 x N/S Front hub assembly c/w Caliper 
1 x O/S front wishbone assembly upper and lower
1 x O/S Front hub assembly C/w Caliper
1 x Rear wishbone assembly Upper and lower
1 x Rear hub assembly C/w driveshaft
1 x Rear Drive shaft 
The steering column and rack
3 x wheels Metric Slight damage will refurb 

The interior was ruined. This is being sold as a donor chassis with body panels to repair another car with extra parts. It does not have any paperwork and was a Insurance write off.
There is no engine or fuel tanks included.
Price: £Sold